ENGL 3590W: Professional and Technical Communication

Spring 2017, MWF 10:10am

Dr. Sara Steger

Contact Information:

307 Park Hall


Office hours: Mondays, 1-2; Wednesdays 2-4

Course Description:

ENGL 3590W focuses on providing students the opportunities to practice technical and professional writing. This course will particularly focus on visual and digital rhetoric. We will spend some time reading about and discussing the conventions, rhetorical situations, and design considerations for composing in different media and contexts. Students will then have opportunities to develop their communication skills by creating texts in a variety of forms.

The course is writing intensive, which means that the course will include substantial and ongoing writing assignments that a) relate clearly to course learning; b) teach the communication values of a discipline—for example, its practices of argument, evidence, credibility, and format; and c) prepare students for further writing in their academic work, in graduate school, and in professional life. The written assignments will result in a significant and diverse body of written work and the instructor will be closely involved in student writing, providing opportunities for feedback and substantive revision.

Required Texts and Materials:

Course Goals and Objectives:

Students in this course will work to achieve the following learning goals and objectives:

  1. understand the rhetorical conventions and genres of technical writing
  2. write in different modes and communicate through various media
  3. demonstrate their understanding of the conventions of writing for professional and technical communication
  4. improve their skill with computer platforms and programs that facilitate textual production and distribution
  5. develop their ability to draft, revise, edit, and present their writing
  6. develop their ability to provide substantive and constructive peer feedback